Condition Rings | Status Effect Markers | D&D 5e
Condition Rings | Status Effect Markers | D&D 5eCondition Rings | Status Effect Markers | D&D 5eCondition Rings | Status Effect Markers | D&D 5eCondition Rings | Status Effect Markers | D&D 5e
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Our FULL SET (70 Rings) offers a complete offering for any DM to track most if not all conditions seen in their combat encounters. This offering combines what used to be in both our CORE & SPELL Sets. 

Is the Wizard invisible? Was the Orc Stunned? Never get confused during combat again! Perfect for D&D 5e, a great gift for a Dungeon Master or player alike. 

As Seen On Critical Role and High Rollers. 
Exclusively Licensed By The Original Designer!
Made in the USA!


3D printed, durable (4.5mm 3/16in thick) and with text repeated around the rings for visibility from all sides. 

Aura, Armor of Agathys, (3) Bane, Barkskin, (3) Blessed, Blinded, Blurred, (2) Burning, (2) Charmed, (4) Concentrating, Confused, Cursed, Deafened, Dominated, Enfeebled, Exhausted, Enlarged, (3) Faerie Fire, (2) Frightened, (2) Grappled, (2) Hasted, Heat Metal, Held, Hexblade's Curse, Hexed, (2) Hunter's Mark, (2) Incapacitated, (2) Invisible, Mage Armor, (2) Magic Effect, Mirror Image, Paralyzed, Petrified, Phantasmal Force, (2) Poisoned, Polymorphed, Prone, Raging, Reduced, (2) Restrained, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith, Silenced, (2) Slowed, Spiritual Guardians, (2) Stunned, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Witch Bolt.

Already have a CORE SET?: Here's just our SPELL SET (note: This is not appropriate as a stand-alone product)

Storage Box (75 Rings) | Numbered Creature Rings | Initiative Trackers

Small adjustments (5 rings or less) to the multi-color set are OK, just put the adjustments in the special instructions. This includes if you need a common condition that's not listed (Like Banished or Bloodied). To avoid confusion or delay: please list substitutions in simple lists, such as: "ADD: (2) Bane. REMOVE: (1) Polymorph, (1) Hexblade Curse". Rings not typically in the set will be printed in the most logical color for that ring. For larger adjustments (more than a couple rings swapped out please message us first.

Color may vary slightly from photos due to minor differences in filament. Rings are 3D printed and can have minor imperfections.

Originally designed in British Columbia, Canada.
Manufactured by Viridian Gaming Supplies in Syracuse, NY


Q: As seen on Critical Role and High Rollers??
Indeed! We sent our rings to Matt Mercer (Critical Role) and Mark Hulmes (High Rollers). On CR they first appear on Campaign 2 Episode 50 and on HR as of episode #63 Aerois.

Q: Licensed by the original designer?
Yes! These were designed by Luke Crevier in BC Canada who works with us and receives a portion of the proceeds from each sale.

See someone else selling them? Please let us know:

Q: What are these made of?
They are 3D Printed from PLA Plastic, which is made primarily derived from corn. The plastic is very lightweight and fairly tough, but may warp if exposed to temperatures exceeding 120F or may fade over time if left exposed to the Sun or strong UV light. fine layer lines will be present and small defects may occur from/during the printing process.

Q: Can I 3D print these myself?
Absolutely you could! Most of the models we sell are provided for non-commercial use by Luke Crevier to the general public on Thingiverse ( Though, for those without a 3D printer, or without 10+ colors of PLA we are ready to supply you with all the rings you could want!

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