Welcome! We sell plastic (acrylic & resin), metal, wood and gemstone dice sets for Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPG systems! With hundreds of dice sets in a variety of colors and styles as well as a few dice accessories (like our US-manufactured D&D Condition Rings), so we have something for even the biggest or most discerning dice goblin/player.

No BOGO, FOMO or permanent sales on inflated prices -- just everyday low prices and transparent labeling of our SKUs/vendors and suppliers is our promise to you! Also a goose. We have a goose. Join the fight against Big Dieโ„ข.

US Small Business

Located in Syracuse, NY. We ship quickly and put doing the right thing over short-term profits. Check out our Reviews on Etsy.

Honkin' Good Deals

We work hard to have best prices. So you can get twice the honkin' dice for the same price!

Giant Selection

We sell Chessex, Q Workshop, HD, Yusun, Udixi, Bescon and more! We're sure to have something new for even the biggest dice goblins.

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