Storage Box | Condition Ring Storage
Storage Box | Condition Ring StorageStorage Box | Condition Ring StorageStorage Box | Condition Ring StorageStorage Box | Condition Ring StorageStorage Box | Condition Ring StorageStorage Box | Condition Ring Storage
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Stores Up To 75 of our 3D-Printed D&D Condition Rings

This product will soon be discontinued. The 3D model files are now available for FREE by Viridian here


Storage box only! Looking for the rings?:

Our Condition Ring Sets |
 Numbered Creature Rings


Storage solution for our Condition Rings. Stores 75 rings (3 Columns by 25 Rows). The tray slides in/out and gently click-locks into place to prevent accidental deployment. New: Lightly buffed/sanded to give brushed sheen on top and bottom.

Note: Your box may look slightly different than those pictured as we are always improving and iterating our models and printing methods.

Using just one-hand (like a Dungeon Mastering boss): Put your thumb against the lid, and your fingers against the bottom of the base. Push with your thumb and pull with your fingers.
Check this video if you're struggling:

Because These boxes are fairly large, it's almost guaranteed each will have some unique marks, minor cosmetic inconsistencies and/or surface marks/defects. While we do work to minimize straight defects, the build plate, nature of the printing process and other factors ensure that no box will be 100% perfect. All boxes are tested for functionality prior to shipping.

When available, we will list boxes that came out with moderate to heavy cosmetic damage as a "Cosmetically Damaged" option. These will be reduced in price because they may have significant surface scratches, surface inconsistencies, sanding errors or other printing mistakes. These issues will only be cosmetic, and the boxes are otherwise 100% functional.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You may be required to pay customs/import fees from your local customs/postal office prior to delivery.

Originally designed in British Columbia, Canada.
Manufactured by Viridian Gaming Supplies in Syracuse, NY.

Issue with your order? Email us and we will work to make it right!

Q: What are these made of?
They are 3D Printed from PLA Plastic, which is made primarily derived from corn. The plastic is very lightweight and fairly tough, but may warp if exposed to temperatures exceeding 120F or may fade over time if left exposed to the Sun or strong UV light. fine layer lines will be present and small defects may occur from/during the printing process.

Q: Can I 3D print these myself?
These boxes are exclusive to our company; made by Luke Crevier who designed the original 'as seen on Critical Role' condition rings.

Q: Can you print this in [Custom Color]?
Perhaps. Let us know if you have a special request. Though, black works very well for this box (as it hides 3D printing imperfections very well).

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