Spell & Abilities Set
Spell & Abilities SetSpell & Abilities SetSpell & Abilities SetSpell & Abilities SetSpell & Abilities SetSpell & Abilities SetSpell & Abilities SetSpell & Abilities Set
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This set is now included in our "FULL SET" offering, see it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/682482270/viridian-condition-rings-70-status

This item is only appropriate for those who already have our old CORE set. Not appropriate as a stand-alone product.


INCLUDES (Version 1.0):
Aura, Armor of Agathys, (3) Bane, Barkskin, (2) Burning, Enfeebled, Heat Metal, Held, Hexblade's Curse, Mage Armor, Mirror Image, Phantasmal Force, Polymorphed, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith, Spiritual Guardians/Warriors, Witch Bolt

3D printed, durable (4.5mm 3/16in thick) and with text repeated around the rings for visibility from all sides. This set includes a variety of uncommon spells/ability rings absent from the core 50 set.

Full Set: https://etsy.com/listing/682482270
Monsters: https://etsy.com/listing/706427365

75-Ring Box: https://etsy.com/listing/722473586

Color may vary slightly from photos due to minor differences in filament. Rings are 3D printed and can have minor imperfections.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You may be required to pay customs/import fees from your local customs/postal office prior to delivery (We have no control over these fees). UK Customers have reported an £8 'intl package fee' by Royal mail, in addition to VAT/Import fees.

Originally designed in British Columbia, Canada.
Manufactured by Viridian Gaming Supplies in Syracuse, NY.

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