Prismatic Spray (B-Grade)
Prismatic Spray (B-Grade)Prismatic Spray (B-Grade)Prismatic Spray (B-Grade)Prismatic Spray (B-Grade)Prismatic Spray (B-Grade)
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Product Details

B-Grade Quality: The black/glitter is not evenly dispersed throughout these dice. There are clear edges where the fill stops, making these dice almost look like layered dice (see pictures). The price has been reduced to compensate.

Colors/Style: Black with Rainbow Mica Glitter
Glitter: High
Unique Patterns: Yes*

Resin Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons 5e or other RPG/Tabletop games. Great accompanying product to go with our 3D printed Condition Rings. After all, you can always use more dice!

*Unique Patterns: Your pattern will vary at least slightly from the picture as each set is unique. Some of the dice may have minimal swirls/effects while others have heavy concentrations.

Set includes standard-sized: D20, D12, (2) D10, D8, D6 and D4 (as pictured).

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