Geralt | Brown & Silver
Geralt | Brown & SilverGeralt | Brown & SilverGeralt | Brown & SilverGeralt | Brown & SilverGeralt | Brown & Silver
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Product Details

Colors/Style: Acrylic Geralt of The Witcher Design Caramel Brown with Silver Ink
Set Type: Polyhedral Set of 7
Set Includes: D20, D12, D10, D10 (00-99) , D8, D6, D4
Set Size: Standard 16mm
Extras: Metal coin featuring Geralt's depiction - serves as a D2

Inspired by The Witcher franchise, this dice set is dedicated to Geralt of Rivia — a seasoned monster slayer.

Dice with swirls or blended designs may have varying color concentrations. Metal dice may have minor nicks or dings from the manufacturing or shipping process.

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