Forest Guardian
Forest GuardianForest GuardianForest GuardianForest Guardian
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Product Details

Color/Description: Green, Black Distressed
Glitter: None
Unique Patterns: Somewhat*
Other: The guardian sits. Covered in moss and foliage. Waiting patiently for an unsuspecting invader to cross into and defile it's forest.

Acrylic Dice Set for Dungeons and Dragons 5e or other RPG/Tabletop games.

*Unique Patterns: Your pattern will vary at least slightly from the picture as each set is unique. Some of the dice may have minimal swirls/effects while others have heavy concentrations.

Set includes standard-sized: D20, D12, (2) D10, D8, D6 and D4 (as pictured, D20 is ~20mm, D12 is ~18mm, D4-D10 is ~16mm).

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