Viridian Manufacturing

Manufacturing in: United States (Syracuse, NY and Pittsfield, MA)

What We manufacture: condition rings, initiative trackers and a few other items.

Any items marked "Viridian Exclusive" are either made by us (3D printing in Syracuse NY, Injection Molding in Pittsfield MA). Except for exclusive dice, which are made for us by one of our other vendors (seen below). More about us

Our Vendors

Manufacturing in: China

Supplier of metal and specialty acrylic dice. 

Chessex (Coming March 2021)
Manufacturing in: Germany (primarily), Denmark, Italy, UK, Mexico, USA

Supplier of a wide range of acrylic dice and board game supplies, In operation since 1987.

HengDa (HD)
Manufacturing in: China

Supplier of large variety of acrylic dice. 

Q Workshop (Coming March 2021)
Manufacturing in: Poland

Supplier of acrylic, metal, licensed and 'unusual' dice. 

Manufacturing in: China

Supplier of acrylic, resin, gemstone and metal dice.

Manufacturing in: China

Supplier of a large variety of resin, wood, acrylic and metal dice as well as dice accessories.

Are you a vendor whose interested in working with us? Shoot us an email ( with a catalog and any relevant information/pricing/terms.